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Tuesday, January 16, 2007



DATES: 1984 to ?

DISCOGRAPHY: LIVING IN THE SUBURBS (1984) Warner Brothers Records (WBC9027). WHITEY IN LOVE (1977) Polydor Records (2398 013)

SINGLE TO REMEMBER: Is it an Ism or is it Art?

HIGHNOTES: Since the 80's Niki has written and illustrated many childrens books and is highly regarded as an author.


GENRE: Rock & Blues

DATES: 1967 to Present

BANDS: Baxtop - 1972 to 1982 / Larry Amos Band - dates unknown / Blues Band - dates unknown / Naughty Boys - dates unknown /

DISCOGRAPHY: WORK IT OUT - Baxtop (1979) WEA (AUC9000) re-released on CD in 1993 by Tusk entitled 'BAXTOP' (WOND 117) LARRY AMOS AND THE NAUGHTY BOYS (1983) Catalogue details unknown, RAW (RECORDED AMOS & WILLIAMS) (1994) Catalogue details unknown, WONDERING - Makhulu (Larry on vocals)(1999) Catalogue details unknown, GOING UP - Solo Compilation (2001) CBDigital (catalogue number inknown).


HIGHNOTES: Support act to Millie Jackson on her tour of South Africa and opened for Cosby, Stills & Nash at Standard Bank Arena

USEFUL LINKS: Check Larry's well kept and up-to-date website at Larry can be contacted via his management at +27 33 344 1139 or email


(in the middle)

GENRE: Rock/pop

DATES: 1980 to Present

BANDS: Uptown Rythm Dogs 1980 to ? / Neill Solomon's Bazaar 1983 to 1985 / The Passengers - 1985 to 1988

DISCOGRAPHY: THE OCCUPANT - Neill Solomon & The Uptown Rythm Dogs (1981) WEA records (WIC 8005), THE RULE OF THE SWALLOW - The Passengers (1989) D.P.M.C. records, DMK9005 (Cassette ZDMK 9006), GATHERING OF THE BEASTS (1992) Tusk (TFAD1) & MAGIC MAN (1994) Tusk (Wond 115).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Roxy Lady, I Don't Want To See You & In The Year 2000

HIGHNOTES: Appeared in many theatre productions including the award winning Kwamanzi and also appeared in the film The Angel, the Bicycle and the Chinaman's Finger which won Neill an award for the music score.


GENRE: Rock/Folk

DATES: 1980 to 1995

BANDS: Cherry Faced Lurchers - 1980 to ? / Corporal Punishment - years unknown / Bernoldus Niemand - years unknown

DISCOGRAPHY: FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS - Corporal Punishment (1980) No catalogue details available, HOU MY VAS KORPORAAL - Bernoldus Niemand (1983) Shifty (OU 116), WIE IS BERNOLDUS NIEMAND - Bernoldus Niemand (1984) Shifty (Catalogue details unavailable) re-released on CD by Shifty Records in 1995 (distributed by Tic Tic Bang)(Bang CD 007), LIVE AT JAMESONS - Cherry Faced Lurchers (1985) Catalogue details unavailable, THE VOICE OF NOOIT - Corporal Punishment (1986) No catalogue details available, THE OTHERWHITE ALBUM - Cherry Faced Lurchers (1992) No catalogue details available, SUNNY SKIES - James Phillips & The Lurchers (1994) No catalogue details avalaible, MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA - James Phillips (1995) Tic... Tic... Bang! (Bang CD 011) & SOUL OU - James Phillips (1997) No catalogue details available.

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Warsong & Detainees

In Memorium: James Phillips passed away on 31st July 1995 from complications of a skull fracture caused from a motor vehicle accident - he passed long before his time. He was 36!


GENRE: Folk to Rock

DATES: 1985 to Present

DISCOGRAPHY: ANCIENT DUST (1985) Mountain Records (MOULP (V)40), HEAR NO EVIL (1989) No catalogue details available & DREAMLAND (2001) No catalogue details available.

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Ancient Dust Of Africa



DATES: 1965 to Present

BANDS: Nevada's - 1965 / Them - 1965 / Mel, Mel & Julian - 1965 / Freedom's Children - 1967 to 1972 / Hawk - 1972 to 1973 / The Julian Laxton Band -1977

PRODUCER: Suck - 1970 / Otis Waygood - 1971 / Rabbit - 1975 to 1977 / Stingray - 1981 / Margaret Singana - 1986 /

DISCOGRAPHY: BATTLE HYMN OF THE BROKEN HEARTED HORDE - Freedom's Children (1968) Parlophone (PCSJ 12049), ASTRA - Freedom's Children (1970) Parlophone (PCSJ(D)12066) re-released by Retrofresh and is still available on catalogue number (freshcd 145), GALACTIC VIBES - Freedom's Children (1971) Parlophone (PCSJ (D) 12075) re-released by Retrofresh and is still available on catalogue number (freshcd 126), AFRICA SHE TOO CAN CRY - Hawk (1972) EMI Parlophone (PCSJ (D) 12087), CELEBRATE - The Julian Laxton Band (1977) Jo'burg Records (PVA 13) & THE JULIAN LAXTON COLLECTION (1994)Gallo (CDGMP 40458 S).

SINGLES TO REMEMBER: Celebrate The Rain, Johannnesburg & Blue Waters
WHERE IS HE NOW? Julian owns and runs Julians (120 Republic Rd, Malanshof, Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa - phone 011-793-3848).